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Book our Platinum Package

The Platinum package is yours for $400.

You will have 4 poses and receive 16 prints, 16 digital files and the right to print more images as needed.
A $25 non-refundable deposit is required upon booking.

Please read and complete the Photography Release Agreement prior to booking a session with Grads On The Go.
Click here to download the release agreement

To book or inquire about a Graduation Photography session please call, text, email us or complete the contact form. We will get back to you within 24 hours. 

(Please note, our studio is not wheelchair accessible, contact us for options)

Thanks for submitting!


Before photo day:

If a haircut is required, aim to have it done a week ahead of time. Check to make sure your clothing for photo day is clean and wrinkle free. Perfect your smile with practice before photo day.

What to wear:

Bright or dark complimentary solid colours tend to work best; these will emphasize your face and smile! If you normally wear glasses, feel free to keep them on. A collared shirt is recommended to create contrast against the dark gown. You can pair your shirt with a tie that will compliment your gown. Also, keep in mind that the gown is a V-neck and will not cover everything. Try to avoid distracting elements like bold patterns, as well as anything with text. Crew necks or T-shirts are not recommended as they look too casual and take away from the photo.

Hair care:

We have a large mirror here, so feel free to bring a brush, hair spray or what ever you need with you for touch ups.

Tips on Hands:

Hands are often included in grad photos, holding a diploma or roses. Make sure your nails are clean and hands well manicured.

Makeup Information:

Remember to bring along some makeup (lipstick, powder, etc) for touch ups if needed. Keep in mind, the lights tend to dry lips, so it wouldn’t hurt to bring lip balm.

Jewelry tips:

Keep jewelry simple, conservative is always the cleanest look. Be mindful of rings and watches as they may show in poses where the hands are visible.

Last but not least:

Remember to get a good nights sleep for that fresh look.


All props (roses, diploma, etc) will be provided by Grads on the Go Photo Studio on the day of the shoot.

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