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Is it worth getting graduation photos?

When I first started taking photos, I didn't particularly enjoy taking portraits. The majority of people dislike their own photos. People are much more difficult to photograph than, say, a family photoshoot, and it is quite challenging to capture their personality. Funny enough, for all of these reasons, I have grown to value portrait photography, with graduation portraits being my favourite.

Some individuals find graduation photos to be a pointless waste of time and money, and fail to understand their purpose. Graduation photos are a great chance to get some lovely pictures of yourself. They preserve a special moment in your life, are a wonderful way to recognize your successes, and will provide you with something tangible to reflect on in the future. Additionally, they are enjoyable!

If you have any good-quality, passably appropriate, and more crucially, photos of yourself that you actually like, check your camera's pictures. The majority of people say no.

While the mandatory cap and gown will appear in many images taken during a graduation shoot, it's also a perfect opportunity to obtain some professional headshots of yourself for job applications and your LinkedIn Profile.

Even if the graduate doesn't care about a photoshoot for themselves, they should think about the other people who would be thrilled to view their graduation pictures. Someone who will value the documenting of this moment, whether it is a significant other, grandparents or a helpful co-worker.

Yes, you are permitted to take pictures on the actual graduation day. I urge you to do it. While photos from your actual graduation ceremony are great to remember the day, they are typically of a lower quality. It's hard to take a photo with no background photobombers when there are hundreds of other graduates present. Your graduation cap could be crooked, your hair flat, and your clothing wrinkled after hours of waiting for your name to be mispronounced.

I encourage each graduate to take two sets of pictures: candid ones on the day of the event to preserve the memories, and more professional ones taken in advance so they won't have to worry about them on the big day.

Now, grad photos are typically pricey, but as former graduates, we appreciate this is unfair and through Grads On The Go Photo Studio we have created two affordable packages for those wanting to partake in a Winnipeg Graduation Photoshoot.

Post by Teri Moore


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